Tag: Press Gang

  • Episode 2×11 – A Portrait For Troian

    Chris joins us for Episode 2×11 – “A Portrait For Troian” in which the Bellisario family gets all the paychecks. Sam leaps into a super spooky tale of questionable siblings, […]

  • Episode 1×07 – The Color of Truth

    Alirio joins us for “The Color of Truth” which is surprisingly nowhere near as racist as a 2016 episode of X-Files. Sam leaps into a plot that is legally distinct […]

  • Episode 1×05 – How the Tess Was Won

    Shane, Chris, and super special guest Tim Gunn join us for “How the Tess Was Won” a tale of a woman being completely indistinguishable from property and Sam’s rampant suidaephilia. […]