Month: December 2017

  • Episode 4×03 – “Hurricane”

    Join us for 4×03 – “Hurricane” in which Sam is a cop trying to keep people safe from a hurricane and murder. He’s also a real creepy weirdo that has […]

  • Episode 4×02 – “Play Ball”

    Join us for some wacky antics discussing 4×02 – “Play Ball” wherein Sam is an old baseball player that has to fuck his way into the Yankees, or something. Also […]

  • Episode 4×01 – “The Leap Back”

    Jonathon is here as we start a kooky new season with 4×01 – “The Leap Back” in which Al leaps into the 40s and helps some cartoons as Sam hangs […]

  • Episode 3×22 – “Shock Theater”

    JD joins us for Episode 3×22 – “Shock Theater” in which Sam gets electro shock and begins doing questionable impersonations of previous leaps. Al teaches the alphabet via 90’s rap […]

  • Episode 3×21 – “Nuclear Family”

    Join us for Episode 3×21 – “Nuclear Family” wherein Sam goes out of his way to destroy a small buisiness and make people feel bad about having legitimate concerns about […]