Month: April 2018

  • Episode 4×08 – “Dreams”

    Join us for episode 4×08 – “Dreams” wherein Sam leaps into the middle of a murder mystery that forces him to overcome someone else’s childhood trauma via Lance Henriksen style […]

  • Episode 4×07 – “The Wrong Stuff”

    Will is here for the truly bananas episode 4×7 – “The Wrong Stuff” in which Sam leaps into a chimpanzee test subject. The subject of animal testing in insanely useless […]

  • Episode 4×06 – “Raped”

    Matt joins us for the decidedly non-whimsical 4×06 – “Raped” wherein Sam leaps into a woman that was raped and then goes through the entire judicial system in roughly three […]

  • Episode 4×05 – “Permanent Wave”

    Join us as we return from our exile to Chris Carter Island of Struggles for 4×05 – “Permanent Wave” in which Sam leaps into a hairdresser to keep baby Joseph […]