Month: June 2017

  • Episode 2×22– “M.I.A.”

    Ian joins us for the second season finale Episode 2×22 – “M.I.A.” in which Sam leaps into a member of the kooky costume precinct to save an old fashioned monkey-shiner […]

  • Episode 2×21– “Sea Bride”

    Join us for Episode 2×21 – “Sea Bride” wherein Sam leaps into pretty sweet turtleneck to save a sadsack from being forced into an awful marriage with a wanted felon. […]

  • Episode 2×20– Maybe Baby

    Angela and Heath join us for Episode 2×20 – “Maybe Baby” in which Sam leaps into the middle of a straight up baby snatching and has to thwart a con […]

  • Episode 2×19– Leaping in Without a Net

    Rebecca is here for Episode 2×19 – “Leaping in Without a Net” in which Sam leaps into a trapeze artists that has to keep his constantly fainting sister from dying. […]

  • Episode 2×18– Pool Hall Blues

    Join us for Episode 2×18 – “Pool Hall Blues” wherein Sam leaps into an aging pool player that once befriended lil’ Orphan Al and is now trying to help his […]