Month: January 2017

  • Episode 1×09 – Play it Again, Seymour

    JD joins us for the season one finale “Play it Again, Seymour” in which Sam theoretically looks like Humprey Bogart and falls in love with a woman with a hugely […]

  • Episode 1×08 – Camikazi Kid

    Matt and Ian are to help us discuss “Camikazi Kid” wherein we are Tokyo Drifting all over the place. We try to understand the furnishings of the Wilson home and […]

  • Episode 1×07 – The Color of Truth

    Alirio joins us for “The Color of Truth” which is surprisingly nowhere near as racist as a 2016 episode of X-Files. Sam leaps into a plot that is legally distinct […]

  • Episode 1×06 – Double Identity

    Moira and Jon join us as we leap into 2017 and discuss the mafioso laden “Double Identity” in which Scott Bakula chews the scenery to shreds and a hair dryer […]