Month: November 2018

  • Episode 5×15 – “Blood Moon”

    Matt joins us for Episode 5×15 – “Blood Moon” in which Sam Leaps a Vampire who’s throwing a vampire party with Dick Tremayne and Dharma’s BFF. We learn a lot […]

  • Episode 5×14 – “Dr. Ruth”

    Will Joins us for Episode 5×14 – “Dr. Ruth” wherein Sam Leaps Dr. Ruth who’s tasked with saving the life of a teen witch and making sure the lamest two […]

  • Episode 5×13 – “Liberation”

    Join us for 5×13 – “Liberation” in which Sam Leaps into a silly little thing called the Women’s Lib movement or something like that, basically he has to stop his […]

  • Episode 5×12 – “A Tale of Two Sweeties”

    Join us for 5×12 – “A Tale of Two Sweeties” wherein Sam leaps into a bigamist that also happens to be the worst human ever. Also there’s a subplot involving […]