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  • Episode 3×04– “One Strobe Over The Line”

    Join us for a very special Episode 3×04 – “One Strobe Over The Line” in which Sam leaps into a photographer that has to save a cat hoarding model from […]

  • Episode 2×15 – Her Charm

    Jonathon joins us for Episode 2×15 – “Her Charm”. Sam leaps into a crooked FBI Agent protecting a woman with a terrible name and terrible hair. There’s a lot of […]

  • Episode 2×13 – Another Mother

    Elizabeth joins us for the creep-a-palooza that is Episode 2×13 – “Another Mother”. Sam has leaped into a single mother in order to save her senior citizen son from the […]

  • Episode 2×10 – Catch a Falling Star

    Elizabeth is here for Episode 2×10 – “Catch a Falling Star” wherein Sam has to literally catch a falling star in a production of Man of la Mancha when he’s […]

  • Episode 2×09 – So Help Me God

    Matt joins us for Episode 2×09 – “So Help Me God” in which Sam leaps into a sad sack lawyer fighting racism, gross christianity, and heat stroke in the deep […]

  • Episode 2×08 – Jimmy

    Ian is here to help us discuss Episode 2×08 – “Jimmy” which thankfully still holds up and isn’t offensive. This ep is chock-a-block full of acting chops and we all […]

  • Episode 2×06 – Good Morning, Peoria

    Alan is here for Episode 2×06 – “Good Morning, Peoria” in which Sam leaps into a DJ to make sure a woman is not eventually sad. Also a nearly 50 […]

  • Episode 2×05 – Blind Faith

    Elizabeth and Jonathon are here for 2×05 “Blind Faith” in which another entree for worst mother goes toe-to-toe with the Quantum Leaper worst at cloaking out. Also Al is a […]

  • Episode 1×05 – How the Tess Was Won

    Shane, Chris, and super special guest Tim Gunn join us for “How the Tess Was Won” a tale of a woman being completely indistinguishable from property and Sam’s rampant suidaephilia. […]

  • Episode 1×04 – The Right Hand of God

    Will helps us discuss “The Right Hand of God” in which we meet Dixie a true hero and fashion icon who is almost enough to outweigh all the gross Boxing […]