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  • Episode 2×08 – Jimmy

    Ian is here to help us discuss Episode 2×08 – “Jimmy” which thankfully still holds up and isn’t offensive. This ep is chock-a-block full of acting chops and we all […]

  • Episode 2×07 – Thou Shalt Not

    Rebecca joins us for Episode 2×07 – “Thou Shalt Not” wherein Sam leaps into a Rabi that has to stop turtleneck-wearing professional creepster Dr. Jacoby from sleeping with his sister-in-law […]

  • Episode 2×06 – Good Morning, Peoria

    Alan is here for Episode 2×06 – “Good Morning, Peoria” in which Sam leaps into a DJ to make sure a woman is not eventually sad. Also a nearly 50 […]

  • Episode 2×05 – Blind Faith

    Elizabeth and Jonathon are here for 2×05 “Blind Faith” in which another entree for worst mother goes toe-to-toe with the Quantum Leaper worst at cloaking out. Also Al is a […]

  • Episode 2×04 – What Price Gloria

    Will and Matt join us for 2×04 “What Price Gloria” wherein Sam leaps into a woman and fights sexism with terrible fashion choices and the power of gay panic. Claire […]

  • Episode 2×03 – The Americanization of Machiko

    Allison is here to help us discuss 2×03 “The Americanization of Machiko” in which Sam has to melt the heart of an old racist woman and explain (with a straight […]

  • Episode 2×02 – Disco Inferno

    Heath and Angela join us for 2×02 “Disco Inferno” wherein Sam leaps into the most questionable film set ever to protect a 260+ month old premature baby from overzealous pyrotechnics […]

  • Episode 2×01 – Honeymoon Express

    Join us for season two which is very exciting on paper. Senator Dr. Hayward is being a real jerk and a German/French/Walking Wig is pretty much a super villain. Email: […]

  • Episode 1×09 – Play it Again, Seymour

    JD joins us for the season one finale “Play it Again, Seymour” in which Sam theoretically looks like Humprey Bogart and falls in love with a woman with a hugely […]

  • Episode 1×08 – Camikazi Kid

    Matt and Ian are to help us discuss “Camikazi Kid” wherein we are Tokyo Drifting all over the place. We try to understand the furnishings of the Wilson home and […]