Month: October 2017

Episode 3×15 – “Piano Man”

JD is here for Episode 3×15 – “Piano Man” in which Sam leaps into a lounge pianist on the run from seemingly a single mafioso and his one sleep-deprived henchman. Sam adds to his list of time travel collateral damage murders. Everyone wears kooky jackets and everyone gets footloose. Email: Twitter: Join the […]

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Episode 3×14 – “Private Dancer”

Matt joins us for Episode 3×14 – “Private Dancer” wherein Sam leaps into a Chippendale dancer that has to keep a deaf waitress from falling into sex work via being a creepy asshole. Email: Twitter: Join the Facebook Group! Where we don’t park under the Empire state building. Listen to Episode 3×14 – […]

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Episode 3×13 – “Future Boy”

Comrade Ian is here to take part in Episode 3×13 – “Future Boy” in which Sam leaps into an actor that must keep his co-star from dying via attempted Doc Brown-ing. Also the proletariat wreck havoc on the capitalistic schemes of a member of the mustache-man family. Email: Twitter: Join the Facebook Group! […]

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