Month: August 2018

Episode 5×01 & 5×02 – “Lee Harvey Oswald”

Join us for the season five two-part premiere episode 5×01 & 5×02 – “Lee Harvey Oswald” wherein Sam leaps into a scrappy young weirdo that will launch the dreams of a million baby boomers. The amount of anti-Marx hysteria here actually makes you sympathetic with a murderer, which is an… interesting choice. Email: Twitter: […]

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Episode 4×22 – “A Leap for Lisa”

Jon joins us for the season four finale / Star Trek crossover episode 4×22 – “A Leap for Lisa” in which Sam leaps into a young Al ‘Bingo’ Calavicci. Al spends so much time roaming through nostalgia village he completely forgets about his girlfriend, Dax, who gets murdered. Luckily Sam figures out the identity of […]

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Episode 4×21 – “Stand Up”

Will joins us as we discuss Episode 4×21 – “Stand Up” wherein Sam leaps into part of a comedy team with incel Bob Saget and Amy Yasbeck. There’s also some rascally Mafioso that have to be dealt with via bad pacing and unwieldy deus ex machina. Email: Twitter: Join the Facebook Group! Where […]

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