Month: February 2017

  • Episode 2×04 – What Price Gloria

    Will and Matt join us for 2×04 “What Price Gloria” wherein Sam leaps into a woman and fights sexism with terrible fashion choices and the power of gay panic. Claire […]

  • Episode 2×03 – The Americanization of Machiko

    Allison is here to help us discuss 2×03 “The Americanization of Machiko” in which Sam has to melt the heart of an old racist woman and explain (with a straight […]

  • Episode 2×02 – Disco Inferno

    Heath and Angela join us for 2×02 “Disco Inferno” wherein Sam leaps into the most questionable film set ever to protect a 260+ month old premature baby from overzealous pyrotechnics […]

  • Episode 2×01 – Honeymoon Express

    Join us for season two which is very exciting on paper. Senator Dr. Hayward is being a real jerk and a German/French/Walking Wig is pretty much a super villain. Email: […]