Month: April 2017

  • Episode 2×13 – Another Mother

    Elizabeth joins us for the creep-a-palooza that is Episode 2×13 – “Another Mother”. Sam has leaped into a single mother in order to save her senior citizen son from the […]

  • Episode 2×12 – Animal Frat

    JD is here for Episode 2×12 – “Animal Frat” War. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, but if you bother to do something except present a mostly apathetic attitude […]

  • Episode 2×11 – A Portrait For Troian

    Chris joins us for Episode 2×11 – “A Portrait For Troian” in which the Bellisario family gets all the paychecks. Sam leaps into a super spooky tale of questionable siblings, […]

  • Episode 2×10 – Catch a Falling Star

    Elizabeth is here for Episode 2×10 – “Catch a Falling Star” wherein Sam has to literally catch a falling star in a production of Man of la Mancha when he’s […]